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Which Heritage Bank Checking Account is Right for Me?

Checking accounts allow easy access to your funds. Their accessibility comes in handy for everything from grocery shopping, grabbing a quick cup of coffee, or making a payment on your electric bill. Those are just a few examples, of course. Checking accounts are an excellent fit for all kinds of situations. At Heritage Bank, we...


I’m Ready To Buy A House…Now What?

The prospect of buying a new home is an exciting one, from your first steps through the door or an open house to picking out paint colors for the living room. But there is one element of homeownership that often makes people cringe: A Mortgage. Hopefully, you didn’t read that word and exit out of your web browser,...

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We’re Dedicated to Growing Our Technology Capabilities

We are focused on growing our technology capabilities and making everything more accessible and user-friendly for you! A few of the ways we are doing this is through mobile banking, online bill pay and the newest addition of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay with your Heritage Bank Debit Card. Mobile Banking Banking from...

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4 Tips to Start Building Your Credit in College

College can be a stressful time full of due dates, group projects, and exams. But one thing you shouldn’t need to worry about is your credit score. It’s essential to start taking steps toward building up your credit before you need it. While we recommend doing all of the research you can, here are some...

Holiday Spending

6 Tips to Budget Holiday Spending

The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means stuffing your face full of delicious foods, catching up with family, and spending more money than you would like! We are here to help you save money and still enjoy the holidays just as much, if not more. Here are a few tips we...

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Co-Branding With A Coffee Shop

We sat down with Ken Organ, Branch Manager, to talk about the new coffee shop in their Northfield location. We learned about the ideas behind the coffee shop and how the bank and the coffee shop will work hand in hand to create a comfortable and inviting location. Why did you want to change up...

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Meet the Team: Jennifer Robicheau

When you bank at Heritage, rest assured we have a vested interest in you and your community. Being family-owned and operated, we live and work in the communities we serve. The faces you see are committed to meeting your needs and earning your trust. Our employees are like family to us. Without them, we would...

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Mobile, Online or In Person Banking?

Technology is forever changing and Heritage Bank is changing with it. We offer a wide variety of options to make your banking experience more convenient. From our mobile app and online banking to in person, we really do offer it all. Our digital banking options were designed to make your experience easier, but sometimes you...