Co-Branding With A Coffee Shop

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We sat down with Ken Organ, Branch Manager, to talk about the new coffee shop in their Northfield location. We learned about the ideas behind the coffee shop and how the bank and the coffee shop will work hand in hand to create a comfortable and inviting location.

Why did you want to change up the common bank feel?   

We have always been a more casual bank, and we wanted to stay with that theme. We wanted to help people feel comfortable when they come in. Our goal was to create a new space that wasn’t stuffy or stodgy; we wanted a warm and welcoming place where people truly enjoyed being.   

When we started to think about how to make that dream a reality, we were brainstorming all sorts of ideas. We were even throwing around having a basketball court in the bank but knew that with space we had, that wasn’t an option. So, after a while of brainstorming, a coffee shop was the idea that we kept coming back to. We knew that the coffee shop feel would be a comfortable atmosphere for people to relax in and we could show them that the banking experience can be fun.   

How did you decide to co-brand with a coffee shop?   

When we decided on the coffee shop, we partner with HTG Architects, and surprising enough, they had built a bank with a coffee shop in it before. We had the idea, but when we met with them, the whole dream started to take form.   

We had talked about who we wanted to partner with for the coffee shop, and we thought it was imperative to work with a local coffee shop. When we stumbled across The Hideaway and the Spaulding family, it was a perfect fit. They are a family business just like we are, and I could see how committed they are to the market and how excited they were for the prospect of having another store. They are kind, hard-working people, and I love their family dynamic. Joan and Jim and a great pair to work with. They know what they’re doing and what they want to accomplish, and I don’t think much will get in their way of achieving everything they want.   

It really is the perfect fit!    

What are you most excited about in your partnership with The Hideaway – Vault?   

The Hideaway – Vault will be like a smaller version of The Hideaway. They will share many of the same menu items, but they will have more of a truncated menu at the bank site. However, they will still have sandwiches, salads, and coffees. I am looking forward to having the coffee drive-thru at the bank. Our location has good visibility, and I think that this partnership will generate a lot of buzz. So, even if people are not coming to bank, it will still be a busy place. We want it to feel like the place to be. Like I said before, we are a casual bank and want to make your banking experience as great as we can.  

We are very excited to get to work with such a fantastic family. I think that this partnership will be very successful and hopefully bring new business to both of us.   

What is your go-to order?   

When I stop in the location downtown, I always get a Turtle Mocha!   

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